Business Valuation & Appraisal Services

Why Choose AMERICAN CAPITAL Business Valuation & Appraisal Services?

Business valuations are one of the most important services provided by American Capital Business Brokers. A professional valuation is crucial if you’re selling a business, planning for retirement, applying for financing, and in a wide range of other scenarios.

By choosing American Capital Business valuation services, you can rest easy in the accuracy and thoroughness of your valuation. 

American Capital Business valuation services also provide an independent third-party report for a variety of circumstances:

• Business sales and acquisitions

• Exit strategy planning

• Liquidation

• Financing

• Corporate restructuring

• IP valuations

• Shareholder disputes

• Retirement planning

• Life insurance

• Buy/sell agreements

• Employee stock option plan (ESOPs)

• Prenuptial agreements

• Divorce proceedings

• Litigation

• Gift and estate taxes

• Partnership agreement

Broker’s Opinion of Value. A Broker’s Opinion of Value™ (BOV) Report is a small business pricing report. A BOV report can be used by buyers, sellers, and business brokers to determine reasonable selling and/or listing prices for small companies.

Our Business Valuation & Appraisal Services

Different situations call for different types of business valuation and business appraisal services. Below is a brief overview of the valuation and appraisal services offered by American Capital Business Brokers. If you’re unsure which type of report you will need, we can help you find the best option for your situation.

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